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Martinique Travel Consulting is an EASY TRIP PLANNER.


Let me create your own Travel Guide to Martinique! Designed just for you!


Martinique is definitely a prime destination to visit. There are thousands of things to do here but if you don't speak the language, you might feel a little bit lost. It will be my pleasure to let you benefit from my expertise as a full time resident, help you save time and ensure the best possible travel experience in Martinique.





Get your customized "Martinique Travel Pack"  including:


1 / Your Travel Guide to Martinique entirely customized


According to your traveler style, where you plan to stay, whether you plan to rent a car or not, with whom you are travelling, your interests, your budget,… I will recommend you some restaurants, beaches, indoor and outdoor activities, tours, excursions adapted to your wishes, on a flexible day-to-day program.

A single Travel Document available in .pdf that should definitely meet your expectations and requirements.







For every single recommendation, you will get all the contact information (location, phone number, website, email address,…), estimated distance from your location, opening hours, description, photos, personal comments and extra tips.



2 / A Travel Tips Document :

3 pages dedicated to simple but useful advice regarding driving, safety, Internet, shopping,…


3 / A Map of Martinique


Once you get your personalized Guide to Martinique, you just have to do the booking. It's easy, simple and saves you hours of research. You are assured to get straight to the point thanks to the expert knowledge of a true local.






Whether you plan to visit Martinique for a couple of days, a week or longer, you will definitely find a pack that will help you make your trip memorable and unique! 


The only thing you have to choose is the content of your pack depending on how many days you plan to stay.


Rates include the consulting service provided by Martinique Travel Consulting. Any activity booked further to Martinique Travel Consulting recommendations will be paid separately and directly to the provider. This ensures that any advice given by Martinique Travel Consulting is totally free of any particular financial interest and solely focused on YOUR interests, wishes, requirements and expectations.




The process is very simple : we will make the best use of online technology!


The only thing you have to do is fill in the «Travel Preferences Form». Tell me what you like, what kind of traveler you and your party are, what you would love your Martinique vacation to be like. Then, choose the Packages on offer best adapted to your needs and I will start working for you. A few days later, I will email you a customized «Martinique Travel Pack» available in .pdf as well as a most informative «Travel Tips» document.


1 - Fill in the « Traveller preferences form »


2 - Choose the content of your pack depending on how many days you plan to stay.


3 - Complete your order with a 100% secured payment


4 - Get your personalized « Martinique Travel Pack » after a few days


Simple and effortless, just the way your vacation is supposed to be!


I strongly recommend you book your restaurants or activities as soon as possible . Martinique tends to be very busy in season. In case one or more of my suggestions would be unavailable at the moment you wished, do not hesitate to get back on me to find suitable alternatives (at no extra cost to you).


If you have any other specific requests like :


English speaking guide

Accommodation suggestions or recommendations

Car rental assistance

Restaurant menus translated from french into english

Special needs considerations,...


Please, email me : karen.couturier@martiniquetravelconsulting.com